How to promote growth with NO MONEY & NO PEOPLE

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Dreamplex HCMC
27  Feb
English only
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  • How to promote growth with No money & No people

    시작일: 2024.02.27(화)
    시간: 오전 6:30 ~ 10:30
    전체 일정: 02.27(화)

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Seed to Series A Startups


Who want to make big impact

Product Maker

who is making NEW Product


Location : Floor 5, Dreamplex 62 Tran Quang Khai, District 1, HCMC

Schedule : PM 13:30 - 17:30. 27. Feb

Language : English

Number of people : First 30 people in line

About us

imageAltWe are an education company in Korea that provides training courses to leaderships at startups.

60% of our students are team leaders to executives and have received seed or higher investment.

in this time, we received a venue sponsorship from 'Dreamplex' in Vietnam. We prepared a seminar on how to grow without money and people.

Special Thanks to DREAMPLEX


About the seminar 😆

How to promote growth with NO MONEY & NO PEOPLE

in early stage startup, Always there are two "NO"


Session 1. How to find customers for less money

imageAltWe'll look at three strategies using real-world examples from Korean startups.

① Building in public

② Using Ads Metrics

③ Low - No code Producting


To find customers for less money, The three strategies discussed above minimize sunk cost make you do it manually without automation.

imageAltCase : Startups that have raised at least $500,000 in funding : Grow&better / Class101 / Toss / Disquite / Tripstore / Baemin

Session 2. How to find customers for less money

imageAltin south Korea, Meta Paid Marketing's efficiency Declines.

And we found limits to Paid Growth.

imageAlt- Own content / channels for organic growth

- (Google SEO) Content production / contribution method / translation

- (instagram, Naver) One-source multi-use content

- (CRM Marketing) Marketing case based on Customer eXperience


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  • Q. Is it free if i am working in dreamplex, Nextrans?

    Yes, Dreamplex / Nextrans is our Sponsorship.
  • Q. What is Grow&better?

    Grow&Better is No.1 Startup Education Company for Leadership in korea.
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