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경력 사항

2023.1 - 현재
Korea Artificial intelligence Association· Research Fellow
  • Research Fellow and Advisory board of Korea Artificial Intelligence Association.
  • Business development and IT consulting, specialized in IOT-Cloud-Big Data-AI service.
  • Digital transformation and AI service deployment.
2022.3 - 현재
Korea University of Technology and Education· Adjunct Instructor
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data Engineering
2022.2 - 현재
Suseong University· Adjunct Professor
  • I hope my students to be gooooood software engineers and entrepreneurs.
  • it will be my pleasure and honor.
  • Teaching IoT, Data engineering, Cloud and AI development.
2018.1 - 현재
멀티캠퍼스 ·Teacher, Mentor, Consultant
  • Mentoring junior engineers and undergraduate students, about:
  • - how to build and run a tech startup company, and how to develop business, and to solve problems
  • - making IOT solutions, AI solutions from scratch
  • - how to develop AI solutions of computer vision, self driving cars, autonomous robot, data analysis, prediction, and recommendation, and so on
2020.11 - 2023.7
drimaes·drimaes 로고 Senior Director Of Technology
  • Tech director, Business development, FAE, Evangelist. Lead Software Engineer at Automotive, IoT, Cloud, AI solutions.
  • - AWS based backend of FMS and OTA, and AIoT system.
  • - Developing Edge AI solution powered by QCOM, Nvidia, TPU
  • - Working in MIH consortium, W3C consortium, and open source projects
  • - Data engineering and AI development
  • - International business development
  • The company, provides
  • Integrated cockpit for vehicles, powered by AGL and container technologies.
  • Integrated Cockpit
  • • Virtualization (LXC, Hypervisor)
  • • Automotive Ecosystem (Android, Web)
  • • Reference Hardware
  • AGL based Integrated Cockpit System with Web Platform
  • • Multi Containers
  • • Browser-driven Web Platform
  • • Web App Store
2018.9 - 2020.10
Senior Software Engineer·Qisens
  • Startup company, spinned off from CISS
  • Computer vision, video analytics and deep learning
  • Software engineering
  • - object detection and tracking
  • - aerial photo analysis, remote sensing
  • - visual odometry, VSLAM
  • - ROS2.0 and sensor fusion for robotics
  • - managing deep learning infrastructure, and continuous integration
  • - develop neural network for lightweight DNN
  • - Using deep learning frameworks and development toolkits from major vendors
  • Also, working for business development
2017.1 - 2018.8
Center for Integrated Smart Sensors( CISS )·Principal Researcher
  • Center for Integrated smart sensors.
  • Principal researcher, project lead, software engineering and business development
  • Machine Learning with mainstream frameworks
  • Developing solution computer vision, reinforced by deep learning
  • Researching key technologies for self driving car and surveillance system.
  • Embedded device / IoT solution development
  • Android device development
  • Working on projects for
  • Intelligent Transportation System and Automotive equipment
  • Electric vehicle charging service
  • Decision support system for UAV
  • Sensor network for smart factory
2012.9 - 2017.1
Intel Corproration·Senior Softwaer Engineer
  • <Senior Software Engineer>
  • 2015년 1월 - 2017년 1월
  • #Work as a FAE, Supported customer's projects.
  • Samsung's Windows 2in1 tablet project, Galaxy Tab Pro S.
  • Automotive projects for Korean major electronics company.
  • # Lead proactive internal/external collaborations among GEO teams and customers.
  • # Intel IoT Evangelist. Maker activity in Korea with IoTivity, with Galileo and Edison, and other vendor's devices.
  • # Working on Education services: project based learnings using Arduino and other platforms
  • # Working closely with Open Source hardware projects, for automotive projects
  • <Software Engineer>
  • 2012년 9월 - 2014년 12월
  • #Leading staff in Telephony & Modem system integration function
  • - Work as a FAE of Customer Technical Support team to support OEM's Android projects
  • - Supported development of Intel reference platforms for mobile segment.
  • - System debugger as well as system integrator, covering Telephony feature and overall Linux features.
  • - Android ecosystem manager to secure application compatibility of Intel devices.
  • #Customer Support
  • - Supporting overall project management, to support customer project.
  • - Solving technical issues rising from Korean OEM's development.
  • - Took care of Continuous integration of overall Android function
2010.11 - 2012.8
LG Electronics·Chief Software Engineer
  • Smartphone and tablet development,
  • Telephony engineer, system debugger, task team lead
  • Worked as a project manager, software engineer, quality manager
  • Lead smartphone projects and Carrier IOT/Certification
  • Lead collaboration with mobile operator, fulfilled onsite project manager, customer point of contact, and lead development teams.
  • Covered overall Telephony and air protocol, IMS/RCS, and modem integration.
  • Expertise in overall Android device development, full stack developer
  • .Deeply involved in launching LTE network and services of au KDDI, Japanese Operator.
  • Developed MSM8960 platform CDMA/LTE handset to develop KDDI network services
  • , such as 1xCSFB, SMS over IMS, OTA, LCS.
  • .Covered from telephony to airprotocol and modem debugging.
  • .Developed and verified IMS/RCS, VoIP and VoLTE, 3GPP/3GPP2 airprotocols
  • System engineer role
  • .Project manager, for optimizing project for power and performance, refined current leakages.
  • .Verified and validated various uses cases and test cases
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